Submit OnLine Incident Report
 his form is provided so that you may report an incident where there has been no violence or injury to another person or yourself. If there has been physical injury to any person please call 911 immediately or contact
740-670-7200 and select option "1".

If you choose to use this form of reporting please provide us with as much information as possible. It is also important, but not mandatory, that you provide information about yourself and how we might contact you if we find your report to require further action on the part of our department.

If you wish to speak to an officer regarding the report incident please indicate by marking an checkmark in the check box provided. If the information can not be acted upon by the Newark Division of Police or a representative thereof, the report will be forwarded to an appropriate agency.
Report of An Incident - No Violence or Injury
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is you date of birth?
What is your home address?
What is your telephone number of a number where you might be reached?
What are you reporting today?
When did this occur?
Was there property    Stolen?   Damaged?
Who is/are the other person(s) involved?
Where do they live?
Would you like to be contacted by a police officer? Yes     No
If so, how?
When is the best time to contact you?
Is there an immediate concern for the safety of another?   Yes     No
We thank you for providing this information.  It will be reviewed by a police officer and action will be taken based on what has been determined.

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