Request a copy of a completed Police Report
 he Newark Division of Police is pleased to provide you an online method to request a copy of an EXISTING police report.  Please keep in mind that we can only provide copies of reports related incidents that have occurred within the city limits of Newark, Ohio.

Online requests will be responded to by email. Ohio OH-1Crash reports will require payment of $4.00 per incident prior to release. Please contact 740 670-7200 and select option 3 to make necessary payment arrangements.

Emailed reports will be provided in "pdf" format.  You will need Acrobat Reader to open the report on your computer.

Records Department Hours of Operation
  Monday through Friday   7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  Saturday and Sunday Closed
  Federal & State Holidays   Closed
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Request for Copy of Police Report
Case Number If you know the case number assigned to this report, please provide that information.  Case numbers begin with the 2-digit year, followed by the incident number (YY-NNN)
Date of Report Provide the date a report was filed with the Newark Police Department.  This may be different than the date of the incident.
      Format (mm/dd/yyyy)
Date of Incident Provide the date the incident occurred.
      Format (mm/dd/yyyy)
Incident Location Provide the incident location; Include the street address, apartment number, building name, or any other information that will describe the specific location of the incident.
Suspect's Name Provide the name of the suspect (if applicable).
Victim's Name Provide the name of the victim (if applicable).
Additional Information Use this space to provide us any additional information that will assist us in locating the correct report.
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Company Name If you are requesting the report on behalf of a business, attorney's office, or the media, please provide that information.
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Important:  Upon receipt of your request, copies of public records will be emailed to you within a reasonable amount of time in pdf format.

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