Police Satisfaction Survey
 lease answer the questions relating to your recent police contact.  Please be assured your information is confidential.

1) Please tell us who your contact was with.  Press Control+Left Click to Select Multiple Answers.
2) Overall how satisfied are you with the entire process?

3) Why did you give the overall rating in #2
4) What could we have done to improve our service?
5) What was the nature of your call?
6) Were you provided with your case number.
7) Overall do you feel you were treated with courtesy?

       Yes   No

8) What was the date of your contact with the police department?
9) Which time range reflects your call?
10) Would you like someone to contact you about the information you have provided?              Yes   No

If Yes:  Please provide Your Name and Contact Information:

Daytime Phone Number:  
Email Address: 

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